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Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack 2017

Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links has been available in free to play on iOS and Android. Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification compose the best possible deck and beat the characters of the famous manga. Do you want more? Challenge your friends and over 20 million players around the world. Think, find the strategy to adopt and victory will never fail you. Want to know how to be the best duelist in the world? Find the complete guide to the best maps and decks of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Works On Latest Update

Over the course of the night, a new update was deployed for Pokemon Go. It follows the last update, deployed 11 days ago, namely 0.53.1 (for Android) and 1.23.1 (For iOS), which had been rather disappointing for all players who were expecting novelty. So what does this update 0.55.0 (Android) and 1.25.0 for iOS bring? Will it meet the expectations of the Yu gi oh duel links hack no survey fans? Nothing is less certain … It does not seem indeed that any novelty (of gameplay, is  understood) added to the game during the night, but a few corrections of minor bugs. Waiting for the next real update of clash royale hack no human verification so even if we do not know when it’ll arrive.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack No Survey

How to Run Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Hack?

If the various licenses related to Nintendo are currently raging on smartphones, one will note notably the successes of Pokemon Go (of which an update was deployed yesterday by Niantic) or Super Mario Run, other licenses have recently been able to arrive on Android and iOS devices, like Star Wars Force Arena or Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification. These two games were able to meet their audience as soon as they left, and already benefit from a large community.

We were able to unveil here how to start well in Star Wars Force Arena here, and we can here advise you 2 decks not too expensive and not difficult to create to start well in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, the latest game from Konami! Be aware that the rules on Yu gi oh duel links hack no survey are somewhat different than in the classic rules: there are only three places to put your monsters cards unlike 5 normally, the decks are smaller and the Main Phase 2 has disappeared. So what decks create to start well?

How you can Get Gems Using Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack

The first deck, mostly focused on Darkness cards, consists of the following cards: Take 3 Elemental Demons, 3 Elemental Soldiers, 3 Zombie Dragon, 2 Elemental Magicians, 2 Shadow Ghouls. So much for the monsters you have to possess for this deck. Concerning the magic, only one magic of equipment: 3 copies of the Sword of the Black Destruction. A banner of courage for infinite magic. And finally, in trap, 3 copies of the Curse of Aging! This is for the deck based on darkness, which you should use with Yugi, and its power of darkness, which adds the magic of Yami Field from the beginning of the game.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems Generator

The second affordable deck for beginners is Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification It’ll be mainly centered on ritual invocations. Take 3 Whales Fortress, 3 Guardians of the Skulls, these will be your ritual invocations. Also take 3 Summoners from the arsenal, 2 Skelengel, 1 Dark Magician, a Black Dragon with Red Eyes, a White Dragon with Blue Eyes. So much for the monsters. Then take two different types of magic, 3 copies of the Oath of the Whale Fortress, and 3 other copies of the Novox Prayer, which will allow you to summon your ritual monsters! Know that if this second Deck is more powerful than the first one according to us, it will be a little more complicated to take in hand for the neophytes compared to the first deck discussed here! What do you think of these two decks?

Easy Way To Get Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack No Human Verification

Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links is the new mobile sensation since its arrival on January 19th in France. The adaptation for Smartphones of the famous game of cards that could mark many players during the years 90/2000 is thus back, and this in thunderous way, since the application is currently the most downloaded on Android! One can also understand why, both Konami managed to offer interesting content, complete and far from the usual Pay-To-Win mobile games. The game gives regular gems to players, allowing gems to open packs to improve its decks.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack No Human Verification

It is therefore quite easy to get many cards for any beginner, without spending a penny. We had already been able to reveal to you which were the best decks to start well in yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification, now let’s turn to the cards: what are the best cards to get when you’re a beginner?

Let’s start with a card that does not look good but is extremely powerful in this game: the Ladybug of the Damned to 4 stars. This card, with 800 attack and 1200 defense, is not strong by its statistics, but by its effect flip: when you return it (or when an opponent attacks it when it is face verso), it destroys all Level 4 face-up cards from your opponent in Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification. This card can completely change the face of a party in your favor.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems Generator:

The Bubonic Vermine is also an extremely powerful card in spite of its weak statistics: when its effect flip activates, it allows to invoke another Bubonic Vermine of your Deck face verso. In short, it is an excellent defensive tool, but in addition this card allows never to be surpassed in tempo on the battlefield: you will be able, thanks to this card, to make various invocations sacrifices in a simple way.

Let’s not forget that Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification is a card game: like any card game, drawing is extremely important. Skelengel will allow you to draw thanks to its flip effect, and this is what makes it important for any beginner player. The magic card Fragment of Cupidity is also rather powerful for the same reasons: it will allow you to draw two cards, this two turns after its activation. If you want to embark on a ritual deck, you will also have to try the Supersonic Bird (which allows you to take a ritual magic card from your deck). Get … What other cards to have when you are new to begin with?

The site Pocketgamer informs us today that the company Konami reveals to us today the revenues of its different games for the year 2016 and in particular the receipts that concern the mobile games, which amount to more than 647 million dollars. We learn that Konami’s latest baby on smartphones and tablets, Yu-Gi-OH! Duel Links, would have reached the 25 million downloads of Yu gi oh duel links hack no survey.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack

No Need to Spent Real Money on Gems & Coins:

The game Yu-GI-Oh! Duel Links is released on our devices on January 19, 2017 and the success is at the rendezvous, evidenced by the 25 million downloads in less than two weeks. A game of digital cards of the type CCG (Collectible Card Game) which takes all the codes of the animated series released during the years 2000. The Yu gi oh duel links hack no survey 2017 stages all the Heroes of the series , As well as all the cards known as the White Dragon with blue eyes or the Dark Magician.

Free to play and takes the standards of all the card games that come out on mobile with a system of lvling, purchases of packages of cards against gems that can be recovered by making quests, rising from your Level account or by using your credit card to have even more gems using Yu gi oh duel links hack no human verification and quickly expand your collection of cards. All you have to do is try the game and download it here!

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