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Windows 10 Creators Update: Innovations for IT Professionals

Windows 10 Creators Update not only provides many new features for end users but also includes improvements that are interesting for administrators and IT professionals. These include, for example, new tools and PowerShell CMDlets as well as functional changes, such as in Registry Editor.

With the Creators Update, Windows 10 has many new features. Windows 10 Version 1703 Build 15063, aka Creators Update, includes not only new features that are interesting for end users, but also offers improvements for administrators and IT professionals. These mainly concern the control of updates. But also new tools such as mbr2gpt.exe, with the help of which an MBR partition can be converted into a GPT variant, and thus facilitates the transition of PCs from BIOS to EFI. Improvements in connection to MDM solutions are also part of the new Windows 10 version.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is continuing its strategy of making the control of Windows 10 updates more efficient and flexible for administrators. The “Windows Update for Business” feature allows administrators, for example, to flexibly control when Windows 10 computers are to install “Feature Updates” and “Quality Updates”. This includes support for the new Express updates for System Center Configuration Manager.

This allows for better distribution of large updates in smaller packages. Of course, Windows 10 version 1703 also allows connection to Windows Server Update Services, and the creators update can also be distributed with WSUS. This will not change in the future. The new Windows Update for Business features complement WSUS, or make it easier to upgrade Windows when no WSUS is available. However, far from being terminated and still the central medium for the distribution of updates for Windows and other Microsoft products.

Install the Creators Update on Company Computers:

If you want to reset the installation of Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update) for up to four months, you can set the option “Recent feature updates” in the “Update and Security\Advanced Options” section of the Settings app on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise computers, This feature is available only to companies or to educational institutions that rely on Windows 10 Education.

Users with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise/Education can change settings in the Group Policy settings before updating to relieve the Internet line when downloading updates. The most important settings for Windows 10 updates are found in the policies through Computer Settings\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Communication Optimization. This is how the operating system should behave when downloading updates. In the future, however, such measures will no longer be necessary. Whether it is true, the next updates for Windows 10 show.

For Computer Settings Administrative Templates Windows Components Broadcast Optimization Download mode, you can specify whether and how to use the new distribution mode for Windows updates. Enabling Bypass will bypass the new mode and continue to use BITS technology, as with Windows 7. This also fixes Windows 10 download problems without the use of WSUS. In Windows 10, Windows updates can completely paralyze an Internet connection. Selecting “Bypass” in “Download Mode” solves the problem. If the new technology is to be used to download Windows 10, however, the values ​​for “Maximum download bandwidth”, “Max. Upload bandwidth “and” Minimum background QoS value”.

More flexibility in controlling updates

In the Creators Update, updates can be blocked for up to 35 days before installation. This is the new setting for Update and Security\Advanced Settings. Enabling the “suspend updates” option will block Windows 10 from installing updates. However, Windows Defender security updates and definition files are further installed, blocking is only available for new features, and unimportant updates. This option is generally available in all editions of Windows 10.

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