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Whatsapp Messenger Offline for Two Hours

The problem has now been fixed. The failure of the messenger service mainly concerned Central Europe. Whatsapp confirmed the error, but said no reasons.

During the balance sheet press conference of the Whatsapp parent company Facebook, the messaging service was affected by a fault. It lasted about two hours. Around 1am the service was available again. Whatsapp confirmed the failure, but did not mention any details. According to news concerned the disturbance mainly users in Central Europe. Most of the error messages were received by users from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux countries.

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app of the Germans. This is the result of a representative survey carried out on behalf of the digital association Bitkom from last year. Thus, 63 percent of Internet users who communicate via messenger use the app of the Facebook subsidiary.

The largest competitor is the Microsoft-owned Skype with a share of 16 percent. Facebook’s domestic rival Messenger is third with 15 percent. Together, Facebook’s messaging services dominate the German market with a share of 78 percent.


Apple iMessage will follow at 9% and Google Hangouts at 5%. According to Bitkom, the service Snapchat, which is popular in the US, came from 1023 Internet users aged 14 and over to 2 percent. Special apps such as Threema, Telegram and Signal have not yet been implemented. One reason for this is that the major providers have also improved the security of their services. End-to-end encryption also includes WhatsApp and iMessage.

69 percent of internet users currently use a short message service. In younger people, however, the proportion is significantly higher than among older users. Messengers are a common communication method in 82 per cent of the 14 to 29 year olds and 81 per cent of the 30- to 49-year-olds. Among the 50- to 64-year-olds the proportion drops to 59 per cent. In the so-called Generation 65-Plus, only 28 percent are using messaging services.

Time and again, the messenger service criticizes consumer protectionists. In January the consumer center federation sued the Facebook subsidiary at the regional court Berlin. It hunts Whatsapp to collect, store and transfer data to Facebook to some extent. The new usage and data protection regulations of WhatsApp, which entered into force in August 2016, are the trigger.

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