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Pokemon Go: Mini-event for the weekend

Over the weekend, the developers of the this game Pokémon Go host a spring event: from 5th to 8th May, grass-Pokémon are ghosting through the AR world.

Nörglers like to play the AR game Pokémon Go. In fact, the hype game of the summer of 2016 has lost a lot of players, but there are still enough people to catch monsters and take over arenas – and if the weather gets better, more new ones will be added.

To ensure that the players are not always the same Pokémon, developer Niantic has already refreshed the monster menu several times with one-week events. At the water festival in March, Pokémon of the water type materialized in front of the player, during the Egg Festival for Easter eggs were often more rare monsters.


Since Friday evening, Niantic has been holding his shortest event so far: By Monday, Pokémon of the grass type will appear. In addition, Lockmodule for Pokéstops have six hours (instead of 30 minutes).

US Events and New Arena Rules

In the US, the Pokémon go-makers are experimenting with an even shorter event this weekend: In Charlotte, North Carolina, a route determined by the city administration is increasingly equipped with rare monsters on Sunday. The event organized together with the Knight Foundation is designed to lure people out into the streets.

In addition, the game has laid the foundations for “Promocodes”, which unlock items in the in-game shop. In the US and Korea, the first promotional campaigns are already taking place, which reward customers of certain services with incubators and poké balls. So far, the promo codes only work on Android.

The in-game shop now allows you to redeem promo codes. Enlarge In interviews, the makers have announced further innovations: Thus, the arena battles are to be significantly revised. Among other things, there was a stronger emphasis on cooperation within one’s own team; But also a re-evaluation of existing combat techniques to balance the monster strengths is expected.

Niantic has continued to build on the long-awaited exchange system. Before that, however, the cheats (cheaters) are going to have the craft of battling a lot of rare and powerful Pokémon with bots, scanners and fake GPS coordinates.

First steps against the cheaters were already made: In March, a Google security update for Android 7 filled a gap, which had utilized GPS spoofing apps to fake wrong positions. In addition, Google threw many spoofing apps from the Play Store and warned users with older Android versions, these apps would compromise system security.

Other anti-cheating measures are on the server side: Previously it was so that a Pokémon could be caught by all players with the same basic values ​​(IV). Now, the servers for players with a progress level below 30 random IVs output what the bots of scanner services should bring together.

Niantic, however, did not mention any concrete dates for the new arena innovations and the exchange function – so it will wait until the events are over.

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