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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack 2017

Kim Kardashian Hollywood: Stars, Cash and Energy Unlimited

In this new article, we’ll talk about the Kim Kardashian hollywood hack 2017. To be frank with you, it’s not really my style of play as you suspect, my sister is playing it and asked me for help so she can have resources in play without paying.

So with the team of BoxFile, we worked on an Kim Kardashian hollywood cash generator. We really hesitated to provide it for everyone, and we thought that there were surely other people like my sister who would like to have the possibility to generate unlimited resources for the kim kardashian hollywood.

We really tried to do something simple so that everyone could use it as they wished. Honestly my sister gets there without worry, you should get there easily.

Few Steps For Kim Kardashian Cash Generator:

To be sure that it’s really unlimited, look at the link at the bottom of this article with the different steps to achieve (the feature shows another game, but the system remains the same, follow the steps to the letter and it’ll work without any problems!)

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack Really Works?

It’s true that the Kim Kardashian Hollywood is very revolutionary. Like any child who dreams of playing the sleeping beauty or Alice in Wonderland, this game also allows anyone to play to be a star of VIP cinema, modeling, styling, and so on.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack No Survey

In this great adventure during which you will try to be the star, you will need a lot of energy, money and stars. The stars (stars) are in the kim kardashian hollywood hack no survey, the currency that can be bought with real money. These stars will allow you to advance much faster in the game.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a premium game, that is to say you can play there freely. However, this free access contains limits and blockages in the game when you dream of becoming famous as soon as possible.

Online Hack

Cheats For Kim Kardashian Hollywood:

The first limit of the game is that to progress, you need to complete all missions or quests that require a lot of energy. While paradoxically, every action accomplished on your part makes you lose considerably. This lack of energy will prevent you from advancing in the game and you will be blocked pretty quickly.

Most Popular Hack: 

The second block is that to advance in the adventure you constantly need stars with the letter k because some missions or actions can only be done with this kind of star. Now these actions will make you win more fans in the game while the number of fans determines your ranking in the list of celebrities.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Triche Features:

– Unlimited Stars
– Unlimited Cash
– Compatible with all mobile devices and platform iOS or Android, PC, Mac
– Anti-ban, proxy support
– No root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS) is required.
– Easy to use

When you want to buy your dream apartment in kim kardashian hollywood hack or adopt a stray dog or persuade other characters to tweet on you or arrange a romantic dinner with a star, you need these famous stars. Unfortunately, they are hard to win in the game.

These stars are almost indispensable for you to buy an evening gown or necklace in the luxury boutique So chic. The latest hangover is the need to shell out real money to achieve your dreams of star, Hollywood wedding and travel.

Indeed, as the stars accumulate slowly and require a tremendous amount of patience, the only possibility available to you is to use your wallet to buy you these precious stars. It must be said that certain actions and beautiful things like clothes or apartments are impossible to have without stars.

For lack of stars you will need to buy to progress. The prices for these stars are between $3.99 and $99.99 on the Android/Tablet and IPhone/iPad.


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Karen is the editor-in-chief of BoxFile. Before joining, Karen was independently producing gaming cheats and also focus on human rights and education.

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  1. Love this game!! It’s very entertaining and easy to play. There’s only a few things that need fixed. Energy takes FOREVER TO reload. When I take surveys and download certain games and do what I’m required to do to be able to get more k stars and money I only receive from this tool. I’ve never had a problem transferring my game process until I tried to play it on my laptop.

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