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IPhone 8: More Loud and Waterproof?

The US bank JP Morgan recently speculated about a possible early release date of the iPhone 8. Now they put forward and comment on possible specifications.

New week, new iPhone 8 rumors. Again, JP Morgan analysts who comment on the iPhone 8, but now do not have doubtful rumors about an iPhone 8 to the WWDC, but on possible specifications. So the iPhone 8 should come with an improved loudspeaker, which could allow a higher maximum volume.


The iPhone 7 Plus brought for the first time with an iPhone stereo speakers and the audio performance was significantly revised. Further modifications in this area thus appear quite conceivable. The same applies to a reasonable improvement in the water resistance, which was introduced with the iPhone 7. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that Apple would distribute the AirPods with the iPhone 8 as a free-of-charge three-input device.

Touch ID?

Hovers Touch ID on the back of the iPhone 8? Recently, there was growing evidence that Apple might be able to prevent this.

CLSA analysts bring this option back into conversation. It is believed that Apple is doing everything to prevent a solution like the Galaxy S8 from Samsung. Also the dual vertically aligned cameras are still hot. They could be flanked by sensors for 3d-detection, added, here it becomes highly speculative. Lastly, Tim Cook commented on the various iPhone 8 rumors and expressed his concern that these could be detrimental to the sales figures of the current iPhone models.

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