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Google Takes Over the Developers of Job Simulator

With the VR development studio Owlchemy Labs, Google has taken another start-up. New impulses for virtual realities and interaction models are hoped for.

Founded in 2010, Owlchemy Labs, a software company specialized in VR games, has been taken over by Google. The search engine builder promises new approaches to the development of VR control from the takeover, praising the products as “thought-provoking interactive experiences that are responsive, intuitive and feel natural.” The takeover of the small studio with 23 employees fits into Google’s previous efforts to lead the topic VR from the niche. Both companies did not provide any information on the purchase price.

With the game Job Simulator – 2016 released for all large VR platforms – the developers showed what is possible with virtual reality. In the fiction, the player is in 2050: robots have lifted people’s work and in a job simulator one can once again experience what it used to mean to work on their own. Actually banal office activities like the operation of a copier are in the boardroom, also by the colorful comic form, for the player to a varied experience. The concept convinced numerous game prize jury, which the game several times distinguished.

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