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Virtual Reality on the Build 2017: Eye Glasses of HP and Acer announced

So far, the entry into virtual reality worlds is expensive. High-end glasses for the PC cost hundreds of euros, and you need a powerful computer. This should change for Christmas.

In Microsoft’s keynote, the announcement lasted only a few minutes – but for fans of new technologies it should have been a highlight of the developer conference Build. On time for Christmas, new, cheaper virtual reality glasses will be released for the PC, said it in Seattle.

The two devices, which were shown at the conference, are manufactured by Acer and HP. How the high-tech glasses should be called, was not betrayed – at the prices, which were called for them, but this is also a secondary issue.

The model from Acer is to come for 299 dollars in the trade, the HP version for 329 dollars. For comparison, an Oculus Rift currently costs almost 600 euros, a HTC Vive with controllers around 900 euros, but both devices also target tech enthusiasts who prefer a technically as good VR experience.

North American developers can pre-order the devices from now, the rest of the world has to be a little bit more patient. Euro prices have not yet been fixed, but are likely to be at a similar level. It is certain that the devices should be sold at the same prices to both developers and end users.

While Microsoft calls the two glasses themselves as mixed-reality headsets, they are actually classic Vitual reality glasses. Because, unlike Microsofts HoloLens glasses, these two specimens are completely closed: they do not allow a direct view of the real environment. If you set it up, you are in a self-contained virtual environment.

To match the new headsets, Microsoft has announced so-called Windows mixed reality motion controllers. Just like the controllers that are available for the VR glasses from HTC and Oculus, they are intended to allow the user to intuitively interact with the alternative reality via motion control.

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