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Amazon Makes Echo Speakers with Touchscreen

Amazons digital assistant Echo is considered a surprise success. Now the online retailer is also launching a version with touchscreen on the market. This means that the company has come up with a possible device from Apple.

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has donated a screen to its networked echo speaker. On the Echo with a 7-inch touch screen, the integrated assistant Alexa can display additional information on the owner’s questions, for example, weather or traffic. In addition, the users can now also view photos and conduct the new service “Alexa Calling and send short messages.

The device is available from June 28th in the US and is expected to cost 230 dollars. This makes it around 50 dollars more expensive than the original echo version without a screen. The display greatly expands the functions of the loudspeaker, especially in connection with services from other providers. Thus, for example, images of the camera can be displayed on the front door or the baby monitor. Cooking recipes or videos can also be displayed in the same way.

The first “Echo” loudspeaker is considered a surprise success of Amazon, in Germany it has only been for some months. He communicates with the users via voice control and triggers a trend towards the use of digital assistants in the household. In the competition for the favor of users, Amazon works to bring Alexa into as many devices as possible from different manufacturers. Google is doing the same with his Google Assistant and has also brought a networked speaker to the market with “Home”. It is not yet available in Germany.

Rumors About Similar Device

Microsoft also has a software called Cortana. It is to be housed in a loudspeaker of the hifi specialist Harman Kardon, taken over by Samsung. Apple integrates his assistant Siri into all devices of the group. In addition, there are rumors that Apple wants to bring a similar assistant like Amazon’s Echo Show on the market. They were fueled by statements from Marketing Manager Phil Schiller, who recently said that home assistants should have a screen to use them sensibly.

Recently, Amazon expanded the “Echo” model range by the version “Look” with a camera. This allows users to take photos and videos of their outfit. They are currently being viewed through a companion app on the smartphone. The software is also designed to help you decide between different combinations of clothes. The function is controversial. Numerous Internet users warn that the camera could deliver much more information to Amazon than the users believe.

The fact that Alexa will also increasingly provide visual information in the future was already clear in February. At that time, Amazon expanded the software on its TV boxes and sticks so that, in addition to the spoken answer, additional information is displayed on the TV screen, for example the weather forecast for the next days.

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