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Over 30 million Plus Players are From OverWatch

That makes Blizzard developer through Twitter. At the end of January, the milestone of 25 million players was communicated, which means that five million players have joined the past three months. Blizzard does not report which percentage of these players is actually active on a daily or monthly basis. Presumably, that number is significantly lower.

Recently, a new character has been added in the game and currently there’s a special event that temporarily offers a cooperative game mode, in which players must compete against computer-controlled enemies. In addition, Blizzard announced that Overwatch is free in China next month, a major online gaming market.


Overwatch knew a good start. After the release eleven months ago, 7 million players were active on the servers of the game within a week. In August, Blizzard reported 15 million players and in October there were already 20 million. This was only five months after the release of Overwatch and thus an overwhelming success for Blizzard. At the end of January, the number of players grew to 25 million and now there are 30 million. Roughly speaking, this means that no less than 2.2 million players per month returned in these eleven months.

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